DDO: Custom Build: Slayer of the Dead

Posted Wed, Jul 04, 2007 by LadySirse

Custom Build: Slayer of the Dead

Dread Vampire Slayers are Coming!

The Slayer of the Dead is a cleric who gives up combat prowess and some casting ability to be excellent at the defeat of the undead. Able to turn extremely well and often, and possessing other tools to fight the undead, they are a fun build and welcome in most parties.
"With their specialization, they are very effective at this. The slayer of the dead can turn a total of 16 times a day, as a level 18 cleric (before a sacred item), meaning they can turn on average a 19 hit dice undead, and affect up to 30 hit dice of undead (or destroy up to 9 hit dice undead)."
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