Warhammer "Producer's Letter" Details More ORvR Changes

By Stacy Jones -

Warhammer Online producer Carrie Gouskos has laid out future RvR (Realm vs Realm) changes in her latest "Producer's Letter." With the launch of 1.3.6, the game has seen an increase in ORvR (Open Realm vs Realm) combat and the team plans to continue improvements to that aspect of the game by re-examining their Victory Point system and current zone locking mechanics. The new RvR Pack, which we had the chance to get all the juicy details about, will be offered in three parts, allowing players to choose what they want. Carrie detailed a number of other planned ORvR changes, including a new planned zone and reaffirming that the team is not considering taking the game free-to-play.

WAR is not going Free 2 Play: WeÂ’re not considering this option right now. WeÂ’re learning lessons from micro-transaction driven games; however weÂ’re not interested in directly selling things like armor progression or other piecemeal power options. What we do plan on introducing is paid services such as server transfers, character renames and other commonly found services. We are committed to implementing these services in a responsible manner and wonÂ’t flip that switch until weÂ’re satisfied that it will not compromise your in game experience. Additionally, we will continue to offer that buffet of services by offering the entire RVR pack purchasable in three segments. Each player can get what the features they want without committing to the whole thing (though we do think all three packs will be pretty great.)

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