WoW: Taking Back Gnomeregan – A Walkthrough

By Byron Mudry -

It is time, the Gnomes are ready to take back their home. Driven from their home previously by Thermaplugg's betrayal the king of all Gnomes Mekkatorque is rousing an army, and you are to be part of it. Join the king as he battles to retake his city and free his people from having to cohabitate with the Dwarves in Ironforge. All players should head to Ironforge and talk to Hugh Tinker Mekkatorque to lend a hand. If for no other reason than to help get the Gnomes out of the Dwarven city!

To start the quest chain to retake Gnomeregan you need to head to Ironforge and go to the Gnome section called Tinkertown. There you will be able to get a quest called A few Good Gnomes which starts the chain and the many bad movie puns that it uses. The quest is simple, all you need to do is use the motivate-a-tron that is provided on five Gnomes in the area and then have them follow you out of Ironforge and south to SteelgrillÂ’s Depot.

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