The Retaking of Gnomeregan and Echo Isles Begins!

By Byron Mudry -

The events many of us have been waiting for have now begun, The Retaking of Gnomeregan and Echo Isles. Both of these events are now live on the servers.

Look lively -- the efforts to retake the areas of Gnomeregan and Echo Isles have begun. While it's been some weeks since we shared the details surrounding these calls to arms, the battle has finally begun!

If you are of the illustrious Alliance and wish to take up the charge of retaking Gnomeregan as called by Gelbin Mekkatorque, you'll want to report to him for duty in the district of Tinkertown in Ironforge. Members of the noble and steadfast Horde are tasked to report to Sen'jin village in southern Durotar. No matter if you're a weathered champion of your faction, or are still learning the ways of battle, you'll be able to help in these monumental efforts to change the very landscape of Azeroth. Dismissed!

You can find guides to both of these events right here on TenTonHammer:
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