King of Kings 3 Lays Out the Path of the Mage

By Stacy Jones -

Finger wigglers of the world can rejoice at the fact that those nuke-happy, yet extremely squishy Mages will be in gamigo's upcoming free-to-play MMOG, King of Kings 3. With the recent release of the Path of the Warrior, gamigo decided that it was time to show some love for the ones that give us our DPS, the Mages. Like traditional Mage classes in other games, the Mage can't take a lot of damage, but he packs a nasty punch. The King of Kings 3 Mage can choose between three paths of specialization and each of those three has three sub-classes for players to choose from. Check out the Path of the Mage for all the details.

The mage wears robes, which is why he can only take a small amount of damage in battle. But thanks to his magic abilities he is able to cause far more damage than anyone else. During his adventures, he can choose one of three classes. A sword mage fights with magic as well as a sword.

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