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Aion PowerWiki Launches New Pet Guide

Posted Mon, Sep 13, 2010 by Martuk

Aion's recent launch of Assault on Balaurea also brought with it a lot of new pet options for players to enjoy. With all the new pets and options now available it can be a lot to soak in, so the Aion PowerWiki has added a new Pets guide to help players learn the various pet types available and how to go about adopting your own. Don't forget to feed them some of that junk you've been collecting.

Fortune pets need to be fed and each type requires a specific type of food. If you feed them until they are full, they will produce a bundle item that is placed in your Inventory and can be opened to receive a gift.

While I would have reservations about opening anything a pet might leave me after eating, this one might not be so bad. Check out the full guide on the Aion PowerWiki.


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