Hellgate: London Preview at VGO

Posted Thu, Jun 09, 2005 by Boomjack

War is Hell, and so is London.
VGO Network has posted a preview of Flagship Studios upcoming title, Hellgate: London. It's highly likely that they wrote this:

"Even in its early stage of development, the graphics are nothing short of amazing. What’s most impressive about them is that most of the environments are randomly generated. Every trip through London’s charred ruins will be completely unique; no two adventures will be exactly alike. Like Diablo II (which many of the team worked on), the only non-randomly generated areas are the safe zones, which are comprised of a series of underground subway terminals where the last of humanity holds out against the hellish onslaught. The environments are as believable as hell on Earth could possibly look due in part to a great team of programmers and artists who have brought a post-apocalyptic London to life. Lava flows freely from under the ground and out of buildings, there are large craters in the streets, rubble lies everywhere, and of course demons wander the ruins looking for prey. Screenshots really don’t do Hellgate justice; you need to experience it first hand to get a real feel for the power of the engine running this game."

You can read the entire Hellgate: London Preview at VGO Network.

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