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GodsWar Online Introduces Players to the Resource-Rich Romance Island

By Stacy Jones -

GodsWar Online has released a new map dedicated to the fine art of resource gathering. The new map, Romance Island, is loaded with an abundance of resources that can be used in the game's new Profession system. The island offers nine resource locations to gather from, making it one of the best places to gather your profession materials from. Just don't forget your trusty tools before heading over.

GodsWar Online has just released a map called Romance Island, dedicated to the fine art of resource gathering. This area has an abundant amount of every kind of resource useful in the newly-introduced Profession system, all set amongst lush scenery. With the correct tools in hand, players can expect to roll out with many different kinds of materials that are required for making all sorts of handy items. Romance Island is not the only gathering place in the world of GodsWar Online, but it is surely at the top of the list!

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