CCP Calls on EVE Online Players to Donate PLEX for Pakistan Relief Efforts

EVE Online developer CCP is no stranger to charity.

EVE Online developer CCP is no stranger to charity. After Haiti was decimated by an earthquake, CCP sprang into action by calling on players of EVE Online to donate PLEX, which would then be converted into real-world cash donations to aid in relief efforts. But another tragedy has struck the Middle-eastern country of Pakistan. A monsoon flooding hit the country leaving more than 2,000 dead and over 1 million homeless and CCP is once again calling on the charity of its players to aid in relief for the country.

Starting today and continuing through October 6th, 2010, players can make a donation of PLEX for the PLEX for Good: Pakistan program. Each donation will be converted into cash currency to aid in relief for Pakistan. The donations will go to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, a humanitarian and relief organization based in Pakistan that is aiding in relief efforts to flood victims.

A FAQ has been created to answer questions about the program and instruct players how to donate their PLEX to aid the program.

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