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Guild Wars Review at Bit-tech

Posted Thu, Jun 09, 2005 by Boomjack

MMORPG - No Fee.
Bit-tech has joined the flood and reviewed Guild Wars. They wrote this, maybe:

"Forget what you know about MMORPGs, because Guild Wars takes the concepts and throws them out of the window. Number One: there are no fees to pay each month. You pay for the game upfront, like any other game, then you play it online as much as you want. Number Two: forget spending ages on mundane tasks like sleeping, or healing, or crafting. In Guild Wars, you spend more of your time questing and less of your time fiddling. Number Three: don't worry about queuing to take on big quests. You won't be sharing them with others."

You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at Bit-Tech.
The best Guild Wars community on the InterWeb is only a click away at GuildWars.TenTonHammer.com.

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