King of Kings 3 Reveals "The Path of the Cleric"

King of Kings 3 has already laid out "The Path of the Warrior

King of Kings 3 has already laid out "The Path of the Warrior" and "The Path of the Mage" for MMORPG fans, but one class still remains from the King of Kings 3 triangle of terror, the cleric. In their final class installment release, King of Kings 3 reveals more details about the cleric, a class that will be welcome in any group for their buffs and resurrection spells alone. Like the other classes, the cleric has 9 specialization classes to choose from, each with their own distinctive abilities. Check out "The Path of the Cleric" for all the details.

The cleric goes into battle armed with a hammer and dressed in a robe or leather armor. At Level 50 players can choose to develop their character into a scholar, a bishop or a priest. The scholar assists his party with spectacular healing and resurrection spells. A bishop can summon guardian angels that improve physical and magic resistance.

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