SWTOR Fan Friday: Smuggler Secrets

Posted Fri, Sep 24, 2010 by Savanja

Even if you are almost certain which of the Star Wars: The Old Republic classes that you'd like to play you still might be swayed by this week's Fan Friday. Smuggler Secrets takes a close look at the iconic Star Wars Smuggler and what makes this class so great.

No Smuggler would be complete without a Wookiee companion, so we’d like to introduce you to Bowdaar, the mighty Wookiee warrior. You can learn more about this known associate on the Smuggler page or by accessing Bowdaar’s biography.

Read up on the Smuggler class then be sure to check out the latest installment in the Blood of the Empire web comic saga.

Blood of the Empire™ reaches its twelfth and final issue, and Teneb Kel must face the aftermath of his actions. Exal Kressh is defeated, but the Emperor and the Dark Council will have further plans for their servant. What fate is Teneb prepared to carve for himself? And what will he do about Maggot?

Catch the close of Blood of the Empire or read the web comic in its entirety at the SWTOR website.

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