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AdventureQuest Worlds Announces 2-Year Anniversary Celebration Plans

By Stacy Jones -

Artix Entertainment has never been shy about scheduling elaborate events for its free-toplay, browser-based MMOG, AdventureQuest Worlds (AQW), and with AQW's 2nd anniversary rapidly approaching; the team has big plans for the birthday celebration. The free in-game event celebration will kick off on October 8th, 201 and feature musical guests Paul & Storm, new in-game areas and a new storyline called “Lords of the Mirror Realm.” But the team has also included cake in the celebration along with presents, cutscens, voice acting and more.

The free in-game event is available for everyone of every level at starting on October 8th, 2010 at sundown. Participants will be the first to experience several new game areas and a brand new storyline called “Lords of the Mirror Realm.” Of course there will be cake, presents, new monsters, tons of cutscenes with voice acting, rare items, and a VERY memorable boss fight for both old and new players.

Check out the official press release for all the event details.

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