PotBS: Pirates at E3 2007

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Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of awesome!

The Ten Ton Hammer E3 crew was all over the SOE booth like a
dirty shirt on Monday! We were fortunate to have CEO Russell Williams and
Lead Designer Kevin Maginn in the house to take us through a demonstration
of Avatar Combat, boarding actions, and more!

Keep an eye on our full E3 coverage for more news from Santa Monica...

Flying Lab¹s CEO Russell Williams was on hand to give us a quick
run-down on the latest happenings with the Beta test currently in progress
and an overview of things to come. The studio is just putting the finishing
touches on a very large Beta build that they¹re going to release very soon,
and here¹s the great news for you budding swashbucklers out there ­ they
plan to increase the Beta tester pool to about five times its current size!
If you¹re not in there already, your chance is coming soon.

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