Dan Stahl Fields STO Community Questions in Latest "Ask Cryptic"

By Stacy Jones -

Star Trek Online (STO) recently wrapped up its first Weekly Episode series and STO Executive Producer Dan Stahl took some time to answer several burning questions from the community in the latest very lengthy "Ask Cryptic" about Tholians, player housing, PvP, Bridge Officer changes and a number of other topics. Player housing is on the radar for the next year, but we all know how MMOG development schedules can be. Stahl even touched on the topic of a paid expansion.

It is unclear if we will ever produce a paid expansion as the market is leaning away from expansions and more towards smaller microtransactions. However, if we ever did release a paid expansion, it would be a significant update and add some new functionality to the game that would be deemed worth the price of the release.


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