Dungeons in Guild Wars 2

By David Piner -

We've compiled everything there is to know about dungeons in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 into one helpful article. Looking forward to GW2 at you're farming away at the Hall of Monuments? Take a second to see what dungeons will be like, how loot will work, and a few dungeons we know will exist when the game launches.

Dungeons will be optional instances focused around DestinyÂ’s Edge, that group of heroes who have fallen apart in recent times. ItÂ’s interesting that the dungeons, at least up until the endgame, will focus around one overarching story and one group of adventurers, meaning that you wonÂ’t necessarily run into a dungeon and have no clue what youÂ’re doing there or why youÂ’re in there to begin with.

What will dungeons be like at in GW2? Join us as we take a look.

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