En Masse Entertainment Unveils First in New TERA Race and Class Series: Castanics and Slayers

By Stacy Jones -

En Masses Entertainment has revealed the first in a new series of new TERA Race and Class articles, which will each spotlight the game's multiple races and classes. The new article delves into the lore behind the Slayer, a class of light armor wearing and greatsword wielding beings and Castanics, a small race with reddish skin, sharp horns and long ears. The article delves into the lore behind each and offers a look into the world of TERA.

Over a millennia ago, two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met in a formless void and created the world of TERA. For reasons we can only guess, they fell asleep. And as they slept, the world took shape around them.

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