EVE Dev Blog Outlines Incursion Bomber and Ammo Changes

EVE Online's Incursion

EVE Online's Incursion expansion will be packing a bit more punch into some of the weapons of the game. In a recent dev blog, CCP Chronotis details some of the big changes slated to go live with the Incursion expansion. Tech II ammo will be getting some love with the removal of several negative effects from the various versions. Rockets are also getting a bit more kick to make them more effective against frigate sized ships.

Fighter Bombers have been a source of extreme lag in fleet battles, but some new changes will help alleviate server stress and make these squadrons a bit more entertaining to watch.

To alleviate this, we are switching fighter bombers to use "fake missiles".  In doing so, we dramatically decrease the load induced by utilising fighter bombers.  At the same time, the visual effect of the bombers attacking targets is now much more awesome whilst at the same time no longer causing as much load courtesy of our art and audio team.

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