WoW: Eye of the Storm Guide

Posted Mon, Jul 16, 2007 by Aelryn

Oddly enough, the eye of the storm is supposed to be calm. Weird name for a battlefield.

Our Battlegrounds guides have been completed at last with our latest addition, the Eye of the Storm Battleground Guide! check out what to expect in The Burning Crusade's new PvP battleground, as well as some tips and items you may buy with its tokens!

"Eye of the Storm plays like a combination of World PVP, Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. How is this possible? Let's analyze all the mechanics Eye of the Storm has and why it is so unique from the other battlegrounds. To win, Horde or Alliance must collect 2000 Victory Points achieved through various methods."

See the whole guide at Ten Ton Hammer's WoW site.

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