Explore the Plane of Water in New Rift Planes of Telara Video

By Stacy Jones -

There are many kinds of rifts in Rift: Planes of Telara, but few offer the aquatic terror of the Plane of Water. Trion Worlds recently revealed a new video that offers a look at the plane and some of the creatures that lurk beyond the rift. When a Water Rift opens, it can take root in even the driest desert, turning it into a salt water battlefield loaded with an assortment of evil creatures and you can check them out here.

The Plane of Water breeds twisted beasts such as notchback crocodiles with catlike legs, and dragon turtles that walk upright, twin heads spouting blasphemy. Deep ones lurk in seaside caves, crab-faced hulks whose pincers can crack the spines of giants. Like a maniac’s smile, the things that wash up from the Plane of Water resemble something healthy at a glance, but a second look reveals the alien, awful thing before you.

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