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crowd at Party Tree

What looks like an actual party at the Party Tree

Harvestmath Sable Horse

Harvestmath Sable Steed.

Bony Pony

That's one bony pony.

The 2010 fall Harvestmath festival went live today in the Lord of the Rings Online, at the usual locations of the Party Tree north of Hobbiton, Bree-town and the Breeland Festival Grounds, Thorin's Hall and Duillond. This year sees the returns of some old favorites - apple-bobbing, pumpkin-picking, dance instructions, horse races, and the unrelenting rivalry between the Inn League and the newly-formed Ale Association (which started at another festival earlier this year) - as well as a few new tricks and treats .

For those who remember the Tricks and Troves quests from previous years, the devs threw a bit of a twist: the old T'n'T NPCs are no longer participating in such tomfoolery, and new people are filling in for them. Other than that, it's the same deal as it's always been - hunt down quest NPCs and use the proper emote on them for barter tokens.

New this year is the Haunted Burrow, a madhouse of chills, thrills and wonky special effects. This is a zany maze loaded with twists and turns and populated by some very weird inhabitants. On opening day, the Haunted Burrow is very, very busy - lag will probably be an issue for some people, and it is not helped by people experimenting with the new cosmetics and practical joke rewards from the festival vendors. Which are pretty awesome, by the way. The Haunted Burrow has 7 associated quests with festival token rewards, and completing all 7 gives the character the title "Burrower."

There are 2 new horses this year. In addition to the old Harvestmath steed, there is a new Sable Harvestmath horse, which is darker than the old one and has a new barding design. The other new horse is a rare drop from the chest in the Haunted Burrow, which can be checked daily. It is black and has bones painted on it, and looks pretty sweet.

The new festival masks - Boar, Raven, Goblin, Pipe - were available through the LotRO Store for a limited time when they introduced the dressing room for store cosmetics. Pictures are available here.

This will be a fun opportunity for new F2P players to experience the lighter side of LotRO, a break from the regular deed and quest grinding. If history is any kind of indicator, it should last a couple weeks, so there will be ample time to earn enough festival tokens to get all the cool new loot.

crowd at Party Tree

Inside the Haunted Burrow, without my hankie.

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