DDO: Custom Build - Jorasco Adjutant

Posted Mon, Jul 16, 2007 by Aelryn

"Lets see here, Haste, Rage, Blur, Stoneskin, and a couple Cure Lights; There, You're All Set!"

The Jorasco Adjutant is a master of keeping party members up and
running. With the ability to heal and a wide variety of buffs and arcane
additions, they are a useful member of any party. Read how to make one
with Darkgolem's newest custom build!

"Outside of combat, they can both heal party members using their
dragonmark, and heal them at shrines (though picking up a healing item
is a good idea). Finally, their halfling hero's companion ability is
very effective, and an excellent way to turn a fellow party member into
a combat machine for a short time"

Check it out at Ten Ton Hammer's DDO site.

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