Mis-cost-ceptions – A Microcosms Look at the Cost of Free-to-Play

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One of the hottest trends in gaming is undoubtedly the emergence of free-to-play. While everyone loves free stuff, could we be guilty of missing the point of microtransaction gaming? Join Jason “Medawky” Bolton this week as he seeks to illuminate what free-to-play gaming is all about.

If you have been a follower of our free-to-play coverage here at Ten Ton Hammer for any length of time you know that the only thing stronger than our commitment to covering these games is the amount of controversy that surrounds them. If Ten Ton Hammer were a European or Asian-based site few would question the monetization of MMOGs--they simply accept the model and move on--but here we tend to have a different expectation level and definition of what free-to-play should mean.
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