New TERA Preview Explores the Celestial Hills and Pora Elinu

By Stacy Jones -

Despite the news from TERA being a bit slow as the game continues development, some of us here at Ten Ton Hammer have been watching it closely. We've had the chance to sample the gameplay at E3 2010 and PAX Prime, but there's still a lot we don't know about TERA. But this week IGN managed to score a few more details. In a recent preview, IGN learned a bit more about two mid-level zones: Celestial Hills and Pora Elinu.

One zone is permanently shrouded in twilight and loaded with vampirs and not those sissy sparkling ones either. The other zone is compared to the American west by TERA's Lead Writer David Noonan.

The full preview is available at IGN complete with videos.

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