Aion Combat Trailer

Combat in Aion

Aion might be as pretty as Lucy Liu, but can it kick ass?

Yesterday we showed you some of the beautiful backdrops and landscapes of Aion: Tower of Eternity. Chances are, however, you don't play MMORPGs to tour the glorious vistas. This video is all about combat in Aion, melee, ranged, magic, pet-based, and PvP combat. As the game is under development by Studio 5 and NCSoft in Seoul, you'll see some interesting Korean cuneiform in the user interface.

Unfortunately, one of Aion's most interesting combat mechanics - aerial or "winged" combat - is currently undergoing development While combat in the unfriendly skies didn't make the trailer, you'll see a number of other, more traditional fighting mechanics in Aion's fluidly attractive Asian styling.

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