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NCsoft Partners with PlaySpan to Bring MMOGs to Social Gaming Community

By Stacy Jones -

NCsoft is expanding the availability of its MMOG library to the Social Gaming community through a new partnership with Monetization-as-a-Service Provider PlaySpan. Through the new partnership, PlaySpan will distribute NCsoft titles that include: Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition, Guild Wars Eye of the North, Guild Wars Trilogy, City of Heroes: Going Rogue Complete Collection and Aion: Assault on Balaurea.

“PlaySpan provides us with the opportunity to expand the reach of our paying audience,” said Keri Taylor, Director of North American Sales. “With a vibrant community and a large selection of payment methods, their Marketplace offers the opportunity to monetize players we couldn’t otherwise acquire.”

Additional details are available in the official press release.


NCsoft expands the availability of its library of games with the help of PlaySpan.


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