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Blood Moon Stains the Sky Red in Champions Online

Posted Fri, Oct 29, 2010 by Martuk

Champion Zombies

Can you fight off the zombie hordes and avoid becoming one of the undead yourself?

The dark season of Halloween is upon us and the Blood Moon has risen once more in Champions Online. The sky is stained with a blood red tint and strange creatures are turning up all over Millennium City. Savage werewolves and flesh-eating zombies come heralding the return of Takofanes, the Undying Lord.

When Takofanes appeared last year over half a dozen champions fell in their first attempt to stop him. After a second attempt he was driven away, but not defeated. This year he has returned with a new army of minions, including the trapped souls of fallen heroes.

The Blood Moon event brings lots of new content for players to enjoy. You’ll be tasked with saving the souls of fallen champions, fighting off zombie hordes in a PvP event, and if defeated, become a zombie yourself. Players can also choose to join the Wolf Hunters, but beware, defeat at the hands of one of Takofanes’ minions means that you will rise and be forced to serve as a cursed being yourself.

There’s lots of loot and events to enjoy so head over to the Blood Moon event page to find out more.


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