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Skaven Class Details Revealed for Warhammer Online

Posted Wed, Nov 03, 2010 by Martuk


More information about those dirty Skaven emerge.

If you play Warhammer Online you might smell a rat. Or in this case a Skaven. BioWare Mythic recently revealed new information about the Skavens coming to Warhammer with both a dose of lore and new class details. The Skaven will have four classes unique to their race: Warlock Engineer, Gutter Runner, Rat Ogre and the Packmaster.

A tall, lithe figure steps into the green light radiating from the pile of Warpstone recovered from the recent purging of a newly found Skaven Lair. His staff glows with an ancient, powerful magic, protecting those gathered here from the taint. He reaches out with his hand, extending his fingers towards the warmth coming from the rocks, gracefully weaving the air as if wrapping the magics around his fingers.

The Skaven have a multitude of classes that can accommodate most any playstyle. From the support class Warlock Engineer to the frenzied Rat Ogre, there's a little something for everyone. Check out the latest reveal for more details.

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