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Warhammer Online Unveils New "Account Entitlements"

Posted Thu, Nov 04, 2010 by Martuk

Warhammer Online

New Warhammer packs offer mounts, tokens, server transfers and a level.

Warhammer Online players now have a few more options available via the EA Store. A recent update to the Warhammer Herald details the new "Account Entitlement" options, which include starter mount and trinket packs, server transfers and specialized training and pet packs. While starter mounts and server transfers aren't usually too big of a deal with gamers, the fact that players can buy a full level for $9.99 is not sitting well with some players. The bundles are limited to one per account at the moment so any outrage may be limited by that fact.

  • Server Transfer - $19.99 USD, this will grant you a code that can be redeemed for one server transfer for a single character. 
  • Starter Mount Pack – $8.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive a deed to obtain a mount usable at level 2 giving players a 25% speed boost and have a 100% chance to dismount upon damage.
  • Trusty Mount Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive a deed to obtain your choice of a new mount usable at level 20 giving players mounts of up to 60% speed boost and have a 55% chance to dismount upon damage
  • Trinkets of the World Pack – $4.99 USD, all characters on an account will receive two tokens to spend at the new Trophy Vendor in the capital cities. Each token can be used to purchase one of 14 different trophies.
  • Specialized Training Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will recieve one War Tract that will allow them to immediately advance one full level when used
  • Herald Pet Pack – $9.99 USD, all characters on an account will be granted adoption papers to the Snotling Herald vanity pet. This pet will follow you around and give you a boost!

A new FAQ has been added to address questions about the new options. Despite the somewhat easily confused use of the word entitlement, you do still have to pay for each of the options if you want them.

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