World of Warcraft: New Enchanting Pets, Weapon Enchants, Raiding Icons Revealed

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A new patch for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has just been deployed on the beta servers and there have been some interesting additions and changes. First up, MMO Champion have datamined two new craftable pets and a host of new enchant animations causing much rejoicing from Enchanters everywhere.

The pets - an Enchanted Lantern for the Horde and a Magic Lamp for the Alliance - look purely cosmetic and I canÂ’t wait to explore a dark and dismal dungeon with one of these floating beside me. As an Alliance player though I prefer the Horde Enchanted Lantern but that said, thereÂ’s no word on whether these will be BoE or even if you will require Enchanting to use them.

Speaking of Enchanting, Boubouille has also come across a host of new animations for all the new enchants weÂ’ll be seeing in Cataclysm. This includes a host of elemental-based enchants that youÂ’re going to want not just because they make your weapon even more awesome stats-wise, but because they come with some seriously cool visual effects. To that end, check out the YouTube video below:

Moving away from enchanting, WoW Insider has uncovered a new look to those much-beloved raiding icons. The icons themselves haven’t changed much but now they have a colourful aura-like shaft of light surrounding them. WoW Insider reports that they also ‘bounce’ - making them even more easier to follow than before. It’s going to be even more difficult to focus on the bosses now when the markers are so darn pretty.

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