Blizzard Unveils Darkmoon Faire Microsite

Updated Sat, Nov 20, 2010 by Saia

So it’s looking even more likely that next week will see the Shattering and Deathwing’s debut in World of Warcraft. To get us all in the right end-of-the-world mood, Blizzard has unveiled a new Darkmoon Faire mini site.

The site follows a similar vein to last year’s fifth anniversary website, you pick a faction and use social networking to unlock new Horde and Alliance-specific bonuses. However, if you take the Azeroth’s Fortune reading, you’ll notice a decidedly cataclysmic feel to the predictions. There’s also the chance to do the discover your destiny test which gives your ideal class based on a series of questions and could come in handy in a few weeks, even if I came out as a pink-haired female gnome priest. Words fail me right now but I urge you all to go and take a look.

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