Vindictus Unveiled – A Ten Ton Hammer Review

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MMOG developers rarely rock the boat of game design, preferring to make changes in baby steps rather than leaping forward with reckless abandon. Leave to free-to-play powerhouse Nexon to break the mold with their innovative sequel to Mabinogi; Vindictus. Can a game with such radically different gameplay capture the interest of gamers and hold on to it? Join Jason “Medawky” Bolton this week as he takes a closer look in our full review.

Your fledgling hero is accompanying a group of soldiers who have been called upon to stop a rather large and angry spider that is attempting to destroy the town. Complicating matters is the fact that this spider isn’t some random beast, but the town’s guardian spirit who has inexplicably gone rogue – much like Sarah Palin, this fearsome white beast with multiple eyes can’t seem to be reasoned with. Once you have dealt with this threat to national security, its back to town to rest up and become acquainted with the rest of the world.

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