City of Heroes Costume Codes Available for the 12 Days of Coralax


Get your code and become like Coralax.

It's not uncommon for many MMOGs to celebrate the holiday season with a little festive giving of their own. Today marks the beginning of the "12 Days of Coralax" in City of Heroes, bringing with it the chance for players to get their hands on a special new costume code. Over the next 12 business days, Paragon Studios will be posting blocks of codes on the City of Heroes forums, Facebook page and Twitter page.

The codes will be posted at random times, so you'll need to keep a check each day for your chance to get one. Be the first to add one of these codes to your NCsoft Master Account and you'll receive an in-game an inherent power to appear as Coralax. Just as a heads up, there are currently codes on the Facebook page, so head over and try to grab one before they're gone.

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