SOE President Hints at Next MMOFPS for March 2011

By Stacy Jones -

DC Universe Online won't be the only title landing early next year for Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). According to a recent article at The Escapist, SOE President John Smedley stated that the SOE's return to the MMOFPS realm will happen in March 2011. While not solidly confirming that the title in question was Planetside Next, Smedley did hint that the next Planetside "was imminent."

"We haven't technically announced it." He then told me that I could say that he "hinted" that the new Planetside was imminent, which translates to 99% of a confirmation. "This is the farthest I've gone [discussing it with the press] and the PR people are going to shoot me."

It's not surprising that the title mentioned could be Planetside Next. After all, SOE released a survey in September of last year asking for feedback for the next Planetside game. Check out the full article at The Escapist for all the details. Stay tuned and we'll update you when we have more.

Thanks to Steven for the tip.

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