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Aion Begins One-Month Trial of Rifting Changes

By Stacy Jones -

Assault on Balaurea brought a lot of changes to rifting in Aion, some of which were not too popular with many players. While not everyone has been happy with rifting PvP, NCsoft has been gathering feedback via a survey to help make changes to rifting and in turn make it more fun and strike a better balance in the game. So starting today, the devs have put a one-month trial of rifting changes into effect that will keep the protection for defenders in Morheim and Eltnen, but reduce the strength of the protection in the hopes of providing protection for lower-level players.

The protection for defenders in Heiron and Beluslan will actually be removed entirely to help facilitate higher-level rifting and questing. At the end of the month, a new survey will be sent out to players to determine if additional changes are needed.

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