Warhammer Online Keg's End Celebration Begins December 14th

Warhammer Online is getting into the holiday spirit this December with the Dwarven New Year's festival of Keg's End. Starting December 14th and running through January 4th, 2011, players can indulge in new events, prizes and challenges during the Keg's End event. Stock up on your in-game fireworks-style steins for the celebration and check out the Keg's End event page for a list of events and rewards.

The wheel of the seasons has turned, ushering out the sun's last warmth with bitter blasts of northern winds. As snow creeps down to block mountain passes and lock the Warhammer world in the icy talons of winter, the citizens of the Old World raise their mugs high; the time of Keg End is at hand. In an epic celebration fraught with boasting, toasting, and epic fireworks, the Dwarfs clear out their stores of ales, beers and other intoxicating beverages in order to bring luck in the New Year and make way for a stock of better, stronger brews.

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