En Masse Entertainment Releases Next TERA Race and Class Series

By Stacy Jones -

En Masse Entertainment returns this week with its next Race and Class series for TERA. In their latest reveal, En Masse Entertainment details the human race and the mystics and sorcerer classes. In addition to the new class information, En Masse has also released a new batch of screenshots and briefly talk about details questing in TERA. Check out the all the new information in the latest release.

Mystics have an instinctive understanding of the ancient magic that formed the world of TERA, and they tap into this power to summon thralls to fight on their behalf, invoke curses against their enemies, and heal or resurrect fallen friends. For a sorcerer, healing is what the bad guys have to do—after they’ve been blasted with Magma Bomb, slowed to a crawl with Time Gyre, or nigh-obliterated with Void Pulse. A sorcerer channels magic through a floating disc that acts like a lens, and woe betide anyone caught in its focus.

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