Ryzom Rolls Back Patch

Updated Sun, Sep 02, 2007 by Aelryn

Things went boom.

Saga of Ryzom is rolling back their last patch after it caused some unexpected difficulty.

We're closing the live servers to retro-patch the game to patch 619. The good news is that we won't roll back your characters. The consequences are as follows:

* Everything that was added with patch 632 will disappear (you can find a list here).
* If you had stacks of sap crystals, each stack will count as 1 crystal when you'll use them.
* Your characters stats will be back to the way they were before patch 619, meaning they won't have the extra 100 points in each stat that got added when we made the new player experience easier. If you create a new character, he will have these "extra" points and start with 200 points as it should be.

Read more at the official thread.


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