EVE Online Incursions Begin January 18th

By Stacy Jones -

EVE Online will come under siege by those crazy space zombies known as Sansha's Nation next week. The latest phase of the Incursion expansion is scheduled to deploy on January 18th, bringing with it the new Character Creator, updates to the EVE Contracts system, Sansha incursions and more. CCP has promised to sooth the server hamsters to sleep for the patch and then introduce the incursion events in a "spectacular-but-oh-so-carefully-staged manner" when the servers come back up. If all goes well, there should be some surprising incursions in New Eden. If not, there will be a huge demand for very small coffins.

One important note: If, on the 18th of January, you find yourself flying around New Eden unable to see any Incursions on the starmap, there is a good reason for it. Rather than just haphazardly throwing the content onto TQ, we’ll be opening it in what we hope is a spectacular-but-oh-so-carefully-staged manner, which means you won’t see it right away. Don’t panic - the spiky space zombies are still coming, but they’d rather jump out of a cake in lingerie, swinging assault rifles by the light of fireworks while singing whatever song space zombies sing, than simply “be there” when the server starts.

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