Cataclysm Raid Guide - Maloriak

Nefarian’s chief scientist, Maloriak is the next boss we’ll be looking at.

NefarianÂ’s chief scientist, Maloriak is the next boss weÂ’ll be looking at. He is one of the three bosses in the lower portion of the Blackwing Descent who must be killed to get a shot at Nefarian himself.

Maloriak will begin with a random phase, either Red or Blue. During each mini-phase he will attempt to cast Release Aberrations twice and Arcane Storm twice also. Your interrupters will decide when itÂ’s best to allow the adds to be released, but they will have to interrupt some of the casts for Release otherwise you will become overwhelmed by the adds.
Cataclysm Raid Guide - Maloriak.

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