AoC Game Director Details New Instances in Monthly Update

Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Craig Morrison has posted his January "

Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Craig Morrison has posted his January "Monthly Development Update" for the community, outlining future content plans beyond the scheduled updates for the Dreamworld game engine. Morrison teased the names of two new instances in an interview with Hungarian fansite last week, but this week he detailed the content in greater depth.

The two new instances: The Breach and The Forgotten City are two new solo instances that will feature auto generated content in the Gateway to Khitai and scales to a player's level. Each area has its own series of quests and storyline to draw players into the world while they explore the new content.

“Each of the areas has three quests that can be done on each run.” Tim starts, “There is a main story quest to each quest, and that is then replaced by a daily repeatable version after you play through the first time. Then there are two other repeatable quests that go along with that.”

Morrison also touched on what the team is working on in relation to crowd control systems and a new level 80 solo instance called the Refuge of the Apostate found in Kara Korum, which ties into the events linked to the Scarlet Circle and the Last legion. The dungeon will have a 20 hour lockout and some nice new rewards. Check out the full update on the AoC website.

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