SWTOR Will be "Substantially Profitable" with 500k Subs States EA CFO

By Stacy Jones -

EA has reported a loss for the third quarter of its fiscal year, which ended in December. According to a report from, EA widened its losses from the same point the previous year from $82 million to $322 million. A substantial blow to say the least and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has been soaking up its share of development costs along the way.

But EA is optimistic that the losses are temporary and that the "significant development costs" for SWTOR will eventually pay off. In a recent conference call, EA's CFO Scott Brown stated that SWTOR would be "substantially profitable" at only half a million subscribers and that anything north of a million is very profitable business. Brown also stressed that the financial losses suffered in EA's recent report will turn on a dime the day SWTOR ships.


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