Blizzard Plans To Launch Two Titles by the End of 2012

By Stacy Jones -

Blizzard plans to release at least two games by the end of 2012 according to a report from Eurogamer. In a recent investor call, Activision/Blizzard CFO Thomas Tippl made the announcement that if Blizzard didn't release a game this year; they expect to launch a minimum of two titles by the end of 2012. While he didn't confirm what those two titles were, it's highly probable that the two games in question will be Diablo III and the second installment of the StarCraft II saga, Heart of the Swarm.

While Blizzard does have a new MMOG project in the works currently codenamed Titan, itÂ’s not likely to be among those launched given its early phase of development. But who knows? Blizzard has thrown us a curveball before.

(via Eurogamer)

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