EA's Riccitiello Expects SWTOR to Take a "Big Chunk" of WoW's Market

By Stacy Jones -

Despite members of EA and BioWare playing down Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) as the MMORPG to beat top running World of Warcraft (WoW), EA boss John Riccitiello has other plans. In a recent conference with Goldman Sachs, Riccitiello made it a point to note that EA is in fact gunning for a big chunk of WoW's market.

"We want share, we want leadership position here. I'm not expecting to sort of knock them over, but... We're gonna get a big chunk of [their market]."

Riccitiello went on to refer to WoW as a silent movie, noting one of SWTOR's most notable aspects by having fully voiced characters. Given the rumors of budget size for SWTOR, which at times has been rumored to be anywhere from  $100 to $300 million, it's not surprising that EA hopes the force is strong with SWTOR.

(via Industry Gamers)

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