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Gala-Net Launches New Prius Online Teaser Site

By Stacy Jones -

Gala-Net has launched a new teaser site for its latest addition to the gPotato gaming portal, Prius Online. No, it doesn't have anything to do with that silly looking car. Prius Online is a free-to-play cinematic MMORPG that uses in-game movie clips to reveal its epic storyline. The teaser site features a look at the game's lore, artwork, video clips and more. If you're anxious for the game's closed beta, the site features a countdown clock ticking off the seconds until start of closed beta signups.

Closed beta is scheduled to begin this April for players in North America, Europe, and Africa. Players can grab their closed beta keys between Friday, March 4th and Sunday, March 13th. Check out the official Prius Online teaser site for more details.

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