CrimeCraft Producer Talks BLEEDOUT Episodes and Graphic Novel

Posted Tue, Feb 22, 2011 by Martuk

CrimeCraft kicked off its latest episodic content feature with BLEEDOUT last November with the help of some of the comic industry's most talented writers and artists, but what you might have missed is the fact that CrimeCraft also has a BLEEDOUT Graphic Novel. This week CrimeCraft Sr. Producer Mike Kennedy answered questions about the CrimeCraft BLEEDOUT content and the graphic novel, which includes story and artwork from a dozen of the comic industry's top talent.

The process of determining the right artists and the best way to unfold the story is something Kennedy touches on quite a bit during the release. The BLEEDOUT storyline is set to take place over a 10-episode story arc (currently on episode 8) and the story from all 10 episodes will be featured in the graphic novel along with additional story and art.

The book will contain all 10 episodes of story material directly from the game, as well as a some additional story material, a gallery of concept art, maps, etc that fleshes out the world in further detail.  It could be considered a "brand bible" of sorts, a relatively complete supplement to the game-playing experience.  Players will benefit from additional background information not currently available in the game, and non-players will be encouraged to jump in the game to discover details not found in the book.  

Check out the official release for more details.


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