GAMERS Documentary Now Available on HULU

Posted Tue, Mar 01, 2011 by Martuk

Director Ben Gonyo has spent a little while with hardcore gamers. The documentary film maker actually took a two-year journey into the world of MMORPG gaming and chronicled his time in his documentary called GAMERS. We first learned about the documentary back in November when it appeared on The Documentary Channel. If you missed out on Gonyo's journey, you can now check out the full GAMERS documentary on HULU for free. The documentary features industry figures like Curt Schilling, Best Selling Fantasy author, RA Salvatore and interviews with several gamers.

GAMERS Goes Live on HULU

Documentary on MMO gaming hits HULU, ranking #1 in Docs its first week.

New York, NY, February 28th 2011

Director Ben Gonyo’s light-hearted documentary film Gamers has found a home on HULU and is making a splash in more ways than one. The film was ranked at the top of HULU’s documentary channel the entire first week.

The film has been applauded for Gonyo’s funny, charismatic on screen performance, the abundance of MMO game scene information and the wide range of subjects. It has been criticized by hardcore gamers who complain that Gonyo is not one of them, has placed too much emphasis on WOW and has, “only interviewed nerdy gamers.”

Of the launch Gonyo said, “HULU has been great. So many people are seeing the film I’ve worked a long time to make. Most of the response has been positive but I understand the critics, you can’t please everyone. Everything is honest and I stand by the film 100%. Most gamers have a good sense of humor and I enjoyed spending time with them.”

Comedian Jay Mohr vividly recalls his experience hosting BlizzCon while CurtSchilling (Red Sox) discusses his $30 million dollar MMO project. NY Times Best Selling Fantasy author, RA Salvatore details what makes for a great character while Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan explains building the epic game play of World of Warcraft.

There are 100+ million gamers in America alone. World of Warcraft has 11.5 million subscribers paying $15 a month to play. The global video game market is valued at $45 billion, that’s $1,200 every second of every day spent on gaming. The budget for a top tier MMO is north of $20 million and is four times more likely to be a hit than a film with the same budget. Gaming has surpassed film and music sales over the last decade.

People can watch Gamers on HULU at:

The official Gamers website ( offers DVD’s and other gaming centric documentaries.


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