Player Housing in WoW May Never Happen

Posted Tue, Mar 08, 2011 by Martuk

World of Warcraft (WoW) has utilized many things while evolving over the years to keep their playerbase thriving and happy. But one thing that gets asked for quite often but has never made its way into the game is player housing. And according to a recent report from Eurogamer, the avatars of Azeroth may remain homeless forever.

Speaking with Eurogamer, WoW Producer J. Allen informed the gaming site that player housing was always a feature that the team at Blizzard wanted to add even before the game's official launch, but explained that he doesn't believe it will ever happen for WoW.

"I don't necessarily think that it'll ever actually happen for WOW because the thing that we want to do is... I don't think it's sufficient enough for us in WOW to just say, 'Hey we have player housing - great.' There's got to be some reason to have that, there's got to be gameplay behind that, stuff that happens.

According to Brack, the Blizzard team has discussed player housing over the last couple of expansions, but each time they've chosen to shelve the idea. Maybe Blizzard will eventually find a connection to tie player housing into the gameplay. But for now, it looks like the residents of Azeroth will have to be content with roaming the lands and setting up camp in their favorite city.

Source: Eurogamer

I can understand why they don't want to add basic player housing: it doesn't fit neatly into the endgame gear grind that is all the game is about anymore.

They could, however, add guild halls and make it work perfectly with the existing game. They've already turned guilds - a fun social experience - into what amounts to another reputation grind, so why not just extend the grind to include guild halls? That way guilds could have a place to gather and port to raids, but anything beyond basic functions would be things you have to spend a zillion hours to earn. That keeps the grind-style endgame concept intact, and opens up plenty of other gameplay possibilities.

For example, why not make guild halls function like they do in Guild Wars? Aka, they have member perks, but then are also used for PvP maps. I'm still amazed that other devcos haven't ganked that concept from ArenaNet yet.

Guild halls would be cool. City of Heroes/Villains had it where different guilds (supergroups) could raid another group's secret base. I'm stunned (like Sardu) that more games aren't doing something similar. I mean, secret bases in COH came out over 5 1/2 years ago.

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