EVENews24 Exposes Iskbank Scandal, Thousands of Customers Outed

By Stacy Jones -

EVENews24 has broken a major story on RMTs in EVE Online through Iskbank. The EVE news site recently received what they say is a list of customers, purchases and IP addresses of a number of EVE Online accounts that purchased Isk, EVE's in-game currency, and other items through Iskbank. Cutting through the data, EVENews24 estimates that almost $290,000 USD worth of transactions have taken place over the last 10 1/2 months.

Vadim, the site operator for Iskbank, didn't seem too concerned about the fact that information for several of his client’s had been compromised, even noting that it was a hacker that gained access to the list and that he even tried to blackmail some of the customers. But despite the breach, Vadim doesn't feel anything will change.

When asked what he thought the effects of the leak, Vadim replied that, in the short-term, some of his customers would likely be punished and that’s reputation would be hurt. When asked about long-term effects, he replied, “In the long-term? Nothing is going to change; neither in the industry, nor with us ISK farmers.”

EVENews24 then posted a list of the character names involved in the activity, but for obvious reasons, the personal details of each person was omitted.

A later response from Iskbank called EVENews24's story "fictitious" and went on to accuse the site of slander. But EVENews24 stands behind its story and has even posted an interview piece with several of the customers that were on their list. CCP's response was the predictable "no comment" style approach, which is standard for most companies as they work to deal with RMT issues.

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