Rift's Telara Saga Player Event Gets New Trailer as Week 2 Begins

Posted Tue, Mar 15, 2011 by Martuk

Last week marked the beginning of The Gaiscioch Family's (a guardian faction guild) 22 week invasion of defiant territory in Rift on Faeblight server. Tonight hails the second invasion of "The Telara Saga" event and will begin at 6:00pm PST in Gloamwood. The player-run invasion event welcomes guardians and defiant alike to join the fight as the crew continues its march across Telara with the final goal of invading Meridian.

A new trailer and additional event details for the player-run event have been added to The Telara Saga website. So if you're on Faeblight server, be sure to swing by Gloamwood tonight for some open-world PvP action.

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